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Welcome! This is a demo site for LoftLoader Pro – Smooth Page Transition feature.

To get the best result of this feature, we suggest:

  1. Use the same loader on one site: Don’t enable “Any Page Extension” and use different loader shortcodes for different pages on one site.
  2. Choose to display the loader sitewide: every page/post on your site.
  3. It would be better not to use a semi-transparent loader background.

And please note: this feature WILL NOT work for the situations listed below:

  • When choose to display the pre-loader “Once Per Session”.
  • When open the link in a new tab/window.
  • When your pre-loader doesn’t have a background.
  • When a page uses LoftLoader shortcodes (with “Any Page Extension” enabled).
  • When a page/post doesn’t have a pre-loader according to your “Display On” settings.


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